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The creativity of Elena D'Aniello, combined with thirty years of experience in the clothing sector of Massimo Ghezzi, gave birth to the line in 2011 fashion accessories D'Aniello with the aim of making our passion shine through in offering a quality product, with attention to detail and the continuous search for innovation and style.

In collections D'Aniello Spring Summer ed Autumn winter all the charm and style is there Made in Italy, the brand “D'Aniello” selects the noblest fibers and offers scarves, foulards, stoles, capes, leather jackets e shirts all created with artisanal features, following the most modern production techniques.

Proud of “Made in Italy", all the D'Aniello accessories they contain important messages, we believe that fashion should suggest not impose; everyone must feel comfortable with what they wear, without prejudices or stereotypes that society often imposes.

Produced in Italy with light, precious materials and originality in designs and colours, our accessories are designed to meet today's woman, who is practical but at the same time refined.

Our philosophy can be summarized in some fundamental aspects: lto quality by choice, originality through ambition, research for passion, Made in Italy by origin.

Il D'Aniello brand today finds its rightful place in the best search and image stores.


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